Are you ready to join one of the world’s fastest growing hotel brands?

There’s great news for independent hoteliers looking for ways to make the most of their own offering, with the arrival of Magnuson Worldwide in the UK. As competition continues to grow within the hotel market, it’s understandable that many hoteliers are concerned about how to continue to grow and thrive – and Magnuson Worldwide provides […]

Join the Magnuson Worldwide brand and get your first-year fee-free

Magnuson Worldwide is changing the way independent hotels work once and for all. For a limited time only, independent hotels are being invited to join the brand and benefit from a full year without fees. This is a fantastic opportunity to become part of a world-renowned band whilst still retaining your hotel’s own unique flair. […]

Don’t spend money on your hotel until you’ve read this

Hotelier meeting

Every hotelier wants to ensure their hotel is in the best possible shape, capable of drawing in customers and generating revenue for many years to come. As the methods available for sustaining and marketing your hotel become ever more complex, and in some cases expensive – here’s the Magnuson Worldwide guide to the major costly […]

Franchise Advantages: The Importance of Hotel Branding

The decision of whether to join a hotel brand can be a difficult and important one to make, especially for independent hoteliers already struggling to keep up with the growing demands placed on them. Increased competition in the hospitality space is fierce, and the rate of change is already enough to make even the most […]

The reason Magnuson hotels are more profitable than others

Every hotelier wants to ensure they are as profitable and productive as possible, but many independent hotels and chain hotels alike struggle to achieve their financial goals. Becoming a Magnuson Worldwide hotel offers an array of fantastic benefits to hoteliers, making them unrivalled in the hospitality space. Here’s a few top reasons why Magnuson outperform […]

How Magnuson Worldwide keeps its customers loyal

Brands such as Magnuson Worldwide do not become what they are without an understanding of customer loyalty – building it, cultivating it and sustaining it over time. All kinds of travellers benefit from hotel loyalty programmes, from guests staying at your hotel for business, to those who are simply frequent travellers for leisure. Yet there […]

How Magnuson Worldwide plan to disrupt the UK hotel industry

The hospitality industry is always competitive, but the arrival of Magnuson Worldwide to UK shores looks set to increase this competition in new and disruptive ways. While previously the market has consisted of a tried-and-tested mixture of smaller independents and large, homogenized hotel chains, the Magnuson model is quite different, offering something new and exciting […]

Tom Magnuson: The Most Important Lessons Learned From Starting Magnuson Hotels

Magnuson Worldwide founder Tom Magnuson is responsible for creating the fastest-growing hotel brand of all time, with more new hotels added in the last ten years than eight of the brand’s ten biggest competitors. Here, the founder shares the most important lessons learned through starting a successful hotel chain such as Magnuson, and how these […]

Improvements Your Hotel Needs to Stay Competitive in 2018

Maintaining your competitive edge can be a tricky thing to master for an independent hotel. Yet hospitality has always been an industry with competition at its heart, and the rigours of this competitiveness only look set to grow throughout 2018 and beyond. Fundamental changes to the hotel trade have shaken up the way we both […]

OTAs VS Hotel Chains: Where Ground was won and Lost in 2017

This has been an interesting year for hoteliers, with the ongoing battle between bookings via online travel agents (OTAs) and hotel booking engines continuing to rage. Whilst OTAs can offer fantastic exposure for hotels, and help to improve occupancy rates significantly, they are also often detrimental to a venue’s bottom line – with discount rates […]