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Magnuson Grand Tier Backup

10 Apr 2017

Switching to Magnuson back when the recession hit our economy in 2008, was the difference in our hotel surviving the recession and staying in business while we watched many other hotels in our area get foreclosed on.

Once we got through the recession time table, our sales were right back to where they were when we were with the most powerful flagged Hotel Franchise. What made the real big difference was our expenses. With the luxury of being able to purchase from venders of our choice, we have been able to stick hundreds of thousands of dollars in to our hotel without borrowing one penny. And still been able to pay ourselves a decent salary. Magnuson also gives us a rate manager that helps us adjust and set our rates to the busy and slow times. And not just Monday through Friday, he has helped us numerous times on the weekends. I guarantee you, we never had that from our old franchise. But as I talk to friends who own flagged hotels and how miserably they talk about then and how their franchise makes them spend money on items that they cannot afford but do not need and are not going to bring any more heads into beds. I feel for them, because I once was in that situation. Franchise treat you good when you build them a new hotel, but after a few years, they become your enemy.

But the best part of been with Magnuson, is that I feel that I am the owner, they may suggest things, but leave me do it at my financial time table. unlike the franchises that think they are the owner and it’s their hotel. Not all hotels have prime locations, and it doesn’t matter what flag you put on it, it’s still going to have the same result. So why not save all the extra money and sign with Magnuson. You won’t regret it. You have a franchise, a PM system, a rate manager and support when you need it, don’t matter what the problem.

Randy Retzlaff Magnuson Grand Hotel Madison-WI


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