Magnuson Video Advises US Hotel Owners On New Market Position Strategies

14 May 2020London UK/Spokane WA     Magnuson Hotels today released a video advising how struggling US hotels can find the most profitable operating segment. The company states that even though owners may have recently renovated and achieved higher review ratings, the usage of an economy brand often confines the hotel to an arbitrarily low rate […]

Magnuson Hotels launches extended stay brand in Texas, Ohio

6 May 2020 London UK / Spokane WA Magnuson Hotels, the fast-growing franchise alternative, announced the launch of a new extended stay brand this week with locations in Canton, Ohio and Irving, Texas. Formerly affiliated with Red Lion Hotels Corporation, the Magnuson Hotel Extended Stay Canton Ohio is located on I-77 near Akron/Canton Airport. Previously independent, the Magnuson Extended […]

Magnuson Hotels Reports Sustainable Q1 2020 Performance

30 April 2020 London UK/Spokane WA Magnuson sustained a portfolio-wide occupancy reduction only 0.4%, against an industry-wide fall of 15% across the USA; a factor of almost 30 to 1. Magnuson withstood a $1.00 loss in ADR (average daily room rate) compared to USA average of -$5.14. The company reports that because its portfolio is […]

Little Rock Arkansas welcomes opening of Magnuson Hotel Little Rock South

London UK/Spokane WA 10 April 2020 Magnuson Hotels, a top 20 global brand, today announced the branding of the Magnuson Hotel Little Rock South in Little Rock AR. Formerly affiliated with Choice Hotels, the 90 room Magnuson Hotel Little Rock South will upgrade its market position to attract travellers as a member of a top […]

Magnuson advises hotel owners; cut costs to survive storm

7 April 2020 London UK/Spokane WA In a video presentation released today, Magnuson Hotels CEO Thomas Magnuson advised hotel owners to weather the current economic downturn by quickly cutting costs. Magnuson stated that while hotels need business from every market segment, it is critical to understand how much it costs to meet guest expectations. Speaking from […]

Magnuson CEO Video address: Not the best days, but will not be the worst days either

London UK/Spokane WA 20 March 2020 In a video presentation released to global Magnuson Hotels affiliates today, company CEO Thomas Magnuson today gave an overview of current impacts from the Coronavirus epidemic. Magnuson states that some areas of the country dependent upon international travellers, leisure travellers and cruise ships have been affected. Many areas of […]

Magnuson Hotels To Close 2019 With Record 10X US Market Performance

18 December 2019 London UK/Spokane WA With only two weeks left in the year, Magnuson Hotels today reports a year-end total 22% increase in RevPAR (revenue per available room) YTD for its member hotels over 2018. The increase is 10 times the current USA RevPAR growth of 2%. Magnuson also reports a 3.6% increase in […]

Could your dinosaur ways be holding back your revenue?

According to STR  projections for US hotels, growth in RevPAR is going to be less than 1% in 2020. Apparently, this is due to supply outstripping demand.     Fortunately, demand for domestic vacations are set to come back up. But is your hotel ready to serve the modern vacationer? Here are 6 ways your […]