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Co-Operative Marketing Process & Terms


What am I entitled to?

Your co-op marketing allowance is based on a 10% rebate of your brand fees paid for the previous financial year. You must use your co-op entitlement within the current financial year otherwise it expires. Magnuson is no longer accepting any co-operative marketing submissions for 2016 or 2017.


How is co-operative marketing paid?

Co-operative marketing is paid as a rebate on your brand fees up to 50% of the activity cost. That means if you purchase billboard advertising for $1000 you can ask for $500 to be given as a rebate on your next set of brand fees.


How do I access this entitlement?

First you must be brand compliant & financially compliant. If you have questions about how to be compliant, please email for more info.

When you’re ready to submit a co-op request, just follow the steps detailed below:


  1. Identify the activity you want to do and get a quote/invoice for the activity.
  2. Log in to the owner’s portal and submit your co-operative request through the online form and include a copy of the quote/invoice. If you need your owner’s portal login’s to be resent, please request them from your revenue manager.
  3. Wait to receive written/email approval of your co-op request and then purchase the activity.
  4. If you need artwork, we’re happy to create this for your activity, free of charge. Magnuson MUST have signoff of the final design proof for all coop activity.
  5. Once the artwork is approved, the activity can commence.
  6. Submit proof of payment for the co-operative activity by email to your revenue manager.
  7. Magnuson will then reduce your next brand fee invoice by the co-op entitlement you have.


What can I use co-operative marketing for?

Co-operative marketing can be used for any brand marketing activity that represents both your hotel and the Magnuson brand in a positive light. This can include:

newspapers, magazines, coupons, sports sponsorship, billboards, TV and radio advertising, social advertising (not agency management), team sponsorship, Trip Advisor Business Advantage and new business solutions etc. If there is anything you are unsure of please email for clarification before committing to something you may not be able to claim co-op credit towards.


Please note that co-operative marketing is not available for signage requirements, owned media, advertising-in-trade or agency management fees for services like Mainstreet Hub or Travel Media Group etc. While co-operative can be used on paid social media spend for a campaign, the ongoing retainer charges are not eligible.


Does co-operative credit expire?

Yes, co-operative credit does expire. For your estimated yearly entitlement, you must use at least half of this entitlement in the 1st half of the financial year and the 2nd half in the second part of the financial year. You have until January 31st of the following year to submit receipts for any co-operative activity completed in the 2nd half of the previous year.


Please also note that if approval of activity was not sought prior to paying for the activity, Magnuson is within its rights to withhold co-op marketing support.


What happens if I am a new owner?

If you are a new owner, your co-op entitlement will be estimated pro-rata for the year depending on when you took over ownership. Any co-op signed off during the previous owner’s management, but not yet rebated prior to the handover date will be credited back to the previous owner.


What is the deadline for co-operative marketing activity for the first half of 2018?

All receipts for co-operative marketing activity taking place between Jan 1st, 2018 and June 30th 2018 must be received prior to July 31st 2018. Please note approval of activity must have been received prior to June 30th 2018 to qualify.


If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please feel free to contact or speak to your online revenue manager.


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