A new alternative for UK independent hotels.

It’s a solution, not a big brand and a big brand is rarely a solution.

Managing a return to profitability for independent UK hotels is now simplified, so owners, operators and supportive consulting firms can see faster profits.

In the past, you’ve had to juggle asset managers, hotel management, franchise companies, PIPs and renovations to improve hotel asset performance and value. Often taking months to years of time-and lost profits.

Hospitality Associates and Magnuson Hotels have formed an alliance to provide a turnkey, holistic asset management approach

Provides full operational guidance and benchmarking to the owners, their staff and consultants who have taken over distressed independent hotel assets.

Provides end-to-end demand side: brand, distribution across all channels and highly skilled revenue management.

Benefits for hotel owners

SPEED: Reopen your hotel in 30 days or less, with full branding, distribution, revenue management and local marketing.

FLEXIBILITY: Initial agreements are typically just 5 years, not 20-year commitments. Maximise your asset value without the burden of long-term agreements.

TRANSPARENCY: Upfront breakdown and communication to avoid surprises.

AFFORDABLE FEES: With a focus on driving direct bookings.

PROVEN EXPERIENCE: The alliance brings decades of hands-on industry experience.