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Celebrate the unique character of your hotel and go independent

Your hotel name, supported by the powerful global platform of Magnuson Hotels Worldwide

Are you operating a corporate or resort hotel with a traditional franchise that cannot find new market segments for your business? Are you an independent hotel owner battling competition from large brands, Airbnb and rising OTA costs?

If you would like to operate as an independent hotel with your own name and identity, Magnuson Hotels can provide a turnkey, end-to-end platform with the professional support you need to drive direct bookings without a traditional franchise affiliation.

As we are former hotel owners who were constantly forced to adapt to chain standardization, our ethos has always been to empower hotel owners with comprehensive support and customized technology to succeed in their local market.

We help every hotel owner achieve their dream with freedom and profitability. We leverage our skills and platform to celebrate your individuality.

Increase occupancy and direct bookings now, via Magnuson's local marketing expertise

Instead of reliance on expensive OTAs, we focus on sustainable local segments of transportation, construction, defence, industrial, education, government and technology sectors.

Upgrade your independent asset into a higher RevPAR segment

If you operate with an average 3.5/5 review score—and have good amenities such as flat screen TVs, free WIFI, free parking—good increases in occupancy and RevPAR are possible with little to no changes to your hotel. As an independent with high quality and unique character, you can often outperform the local competitive set.

We identify the revenue target for your hotel and help you achieve it

First, Magnuson Hotels analysts research your local market and comp set to identify your optimum revenue and fair share of the local market. We create a rolling 12-month revenue plan that prices your rooms across all channels, 365 days a year. You will work with a personal revenue manager and team to ensure profits of your asset.