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Reposition with a Magnuson brand for higher ADR and profit

Magnuson's midscale and upper midscale brands

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Simple brand standards with absolutely no PIPs

While today’s travel trends are challenging, there is still much more profitability available in your hotel. If you operate with an average 3.5/5 review score, good increases in occupancy and RevPAR are possible with little to no changes to your hotel, just small steady fundamentals focused on one plan. Upgrading your brand into the right market segment of midscale or upper midscale could leverage your existing asset to the next segment higher and add 20% to the ADR.

For twenty years, Magnuson Hotels has encouraged the unique qualities and characteristics of each hotel and does not require updating with costly brand standards, we do not require PIPs. We drive immediate cash flow to fund the renovations you choose on your timeline. Magnuson Hotels Worldwide specializes in and provides business marketing services for your hotel through corporate sales, advertising, brand marketing and online distribution / marketing across a complete proprietary worldwide network.

Marketing and revenue strategies

First, Magnuson Hotels analysts deeply research your local market to properly document how much business exists by identifying your competitive set and defining your optimum revenue and fair share of the local market.

The team assigned to your hotel will be tasked with maximizing the value of your asset by create a rolling 12-month revenue plan that prices your rooms across all channels, 365 days a year. You will work with a personal revenue manager and team to ensure profits of your asset, and there will be dynamic pricing as required.

New non-OTA market segment

While many brands rely on expensive OTAs, Magnuson specializes in driving 52 weeks per year of non-leisure business. You need local construction business, corporate, government, group and educational segments to ensure a steady, growing business year round.

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Magnuson Hotel: Midscale market segment

If you operate a Best Western, Choice or Wyndham asset, conversion to the midscale Magnuson Hotel brand can reposition your hotel for higher ADR and profit.

Magnuson Grand: Upper midscale market segment
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Magnuson Grand: Upper midscale market segment

If you operate a Marriott, Hilton or IHG asset with F&B and/or conference facilities, conversion to the midscale Magnuson Grand brand could be a platform for rapid profit growth.