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Magnuson Vendor Program

Magnuson Vendor Program

Hello and thank you for your interest in the Magnuson Vendor Program. We have over 1000 hotels across the USA and UK and our portfolio continues to grow. To support this expansion we work with select vendors to offer support services to our independently owned and operated hotels.

If you are interested in joining the Magnuson Vendor Program then please complete the form below. On receiving your interest our vendor relations team will review the proposition. If we identify a need for your services you will receive a draft agreement via Docusign to complete.

Once we have received your completed agreement our head office will review and confirm acceptance. Two things we require are:

  1. Agreed discount offered to our hotels
  2. 10% referral commission paid to Magnuson for all resulting transactions. This amount is reinvested into our hotel portfolio.

We look forward to hopefully working with you soon

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