Recent additions to the Magnuson Hotel affiliate family

New partners enjoying the Magnuson advantage

All the hotels and owners here have stories far bigger than being newly affiliated with Magnuson Hotels. They represent stories of owners struggling through difficult times, their concern about making the best decisions for the hotel, families and employees while striving to exceed guest expectations. They represent people that we are proud to work with, as they begin the journey of a long-term partnership with Magnuson and attaining their dreams.

Sebring Florida hotel celebrates 1st year as a Magnuson Grand

This property came to Magnuson as a Choice conversion and owner Sanjay Patel has enjoyed the freedom that comes with the Magnuson brand along with the improvement to his bottom line. The Magnuson Revenue management team has repositioned the hotel’s marketing to take advantage of the Central Florida position for non-leisure business to achieve 52 weeks per year of consistent revenue growth. In recent years, Florida has seen the fastest job growth rate of any state outside the West, with economic growth underpinned by strong population growth.

The owner of Sebring Florida Magnuson Grand was referred to Magnuson by his uncle Sanjay Patel, owner of the Magnuson Hotel Wildwood. The Wildwood has been happily affiliated with Magnuson since 2015.

West VA owner to add 6th hotel to Magnuson Independent Collection in Charlotte, North Carolina

When Ray Patel talked with us in 2005, he wanted to build his own brand called Studios and Suites 4 Less and that is exactly what we did. Magnuson provides the technology, distribution and marketing while he manages the Studio brand and operations. The Charlotte, NC property will be the 6th hotel affiliated with Magnuson. Our team manages his back end through ups and downs, helping Ray grow his revenue and add more hotels.

The property in Charlotte will be the first in the Studios and Suites 4 Less group in North Carolina, and the Magnuson team has constructed an action plan to activate the hotel by targeting non-leisure markets. Charlotte will see an annual GDP growth rate of 3.1% in 2022, indicating a generally stable year and we intend to capture Ray’s fair share of the market.

Magnuson embraces the Zen Hotel in Palo Alto, California

Zen. It’s something we are— true nature expressing itself moment by moment—and something we do—a disciplined practice through which we  realize the joy of being. We’re delighted to work with the StayCal group of hotel owners to fully realize the potential of the Zen Hotel, a boutique property in the heart of Palo Alto close to Stanford University, focused on creating a relaxing oasis for guests.

The StayCal hotel owners exemplify the art and practice of good hotel management, and our Magnuson team works seamlessly with them for maximum performance through revenue management strategies. For the Zen Hotel, we are building business from the software and IT services sector year-round as well as Stanford University traffic.