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Our Services

Here at Magnuson Worldwide we have done away with bulky overheads. We believe in offering our hoteliers a personalized solution that meets their needs.  With the travel and consumer market in constant flux we realize that you need the flexibility to adapt your offering and resources regularly.

That’s why we offer a base level agreement that includes all our essential services and then give you the option to add on additional services that are relevant to your market and your business growth strategy.

This approach allows us to offer you the same benefits as older hotel franchises without the price tags. By working with a strategic growth partner like Magnuson Worldwide you pay only for what you need and what works for you.

Global Distribution System (GDS)

Grow Corporate and International Bookings by 25% with our managed Global Distribution System (GDS) Services where you can connect to a global network of 650,000+ travel agents through a single point of access to the 5 top GDS services. This service is free when you join Magnuson and will generate room revenue for all market types.

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Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have rapidly become the most fundamental distribution channel for the travel industry, and attract guests from all over the world. By working with Magnuson Worldwide, you will be represented in all dealings with the OTAs. We will work with OTAs such as Expedia, Booking.com, and Priceline as well as adding in other OTAs, metasearch sites and GDS channels so that your costs will be lower and your revenue an average of 27% higher.

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Metasearch Distribution

By joining Magnuson, you can leverage our chain-level direct business relationships with these hotel metasearch distribution channels, and that means lower cost and higher levels of data accuracy for you. Enjoy distribution across the industry’s largest set of hotel metasearch direct connections such as Google Hotel Finder, TripAdvisor, Trivago,  Skyscanner and many more.

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Exclusive Distribution

Reduce dependency on OTAs with exclusive additional distribution partners guaranteed to increase sources of business and reduce your reliance on seasonal bookings. Our partners allow for unique international visibility and our distribution expansion includes a significant increase in affiliate channels.

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Hotel Revenue Management

Working with Magnuson Worldwide, you will gain access to a dedicated online revenue manager. They provide 24-hour service and support and specialize in Global Distribution Systems and Online Travel Agency management. Your revenue manager will be dedicated to increasing your overall annual occupancy by specifically targeting and expanding your sources of business to ensure your visibility and awareness is maximized.

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Central Reservation System (CRS)

Our Customer Reservation System is everything you need in one easy to use platform and integrates with 29 major Property Management Systems (PMS) so that rates and inventory can be managed directly. It works to reduce your dependency on OTAs and brings new sources of business to your doorstep.

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Property Management System (PMS)

Our Property Management System is a web based operating system, offering 24/7 support and connecting directly to our global hotel reservation network. It unites front desk, the Central Reservation System and global brand support into one low-cost, easy-to-use dashboard that streamlines processes.

Learn about our Property Management System (PMS)

Management Company Partnerships

We offer management companies cost-effective inclusion to a global brand and worldwide distribution. We work with you to propel your business or portfolio ahead of your competition. We discover a process to understand property business objectives and then offer a tailored suite of Magnuson products and services to achieve growth targets.

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Magnuson Academy

We have introduced the Magnuson Academy; providing 24/7 access to a series of e-learning modules, with a combination of text, video and online assessments, for the use of your operational teams. We are continually improving this platform with new content each quarter.  Courses range from health and safety through to technology systems.

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Co-operative Marketing

At Magnuson Worldwide, we believe in the perfect mix of global and local so we want to make sure you are maximizing your marketing awareness. We appreciate that there’s no substitute for local knowledge within your marketing program, so we provide a 10% rebate back to our branded hoteliers for use on local marketing campaigns.

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