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Exclusive Distribution

Magnuson Worldwide offers an exclusive selection of additional distribution partners, guaranteed to increase sources of business and reduce dependency on seasonal bookings.

Reduce Dependency on OTAs with Exclusive Connections

Magnuson Worldwide’s new global alliance with Jin Jiang, China’s largest hotel operator, and Europe’s Louvre Hotels Group, allows for unique international visibility. Magnuson Worldwide’s distribution expansion includes a significant increase in affiliate channels.

Google Hotel Ads: Using Google, customers can get a list of hotels with prices, photos, reviews and street panoramas. This channel provides very low-cost direct bookings. Additional 15% commission from Google applies.

TripAdvisor Trip Connect: Receive lowest cost direct bookings from the world’s number 1 booking site. 12 – 15% commission applies (depends on participation level).

Access Development: Enjoy lowest cost direct bookings from over 100,000 private member sites including Allstate, State Teacher Associations, banks, travel and motor clubs.

Jackrabbit DMO Distribution: Direct bookings thru Booking Engine displayed on local DMO sites – hotel must have DMO membership, must be in an area served by Jackrabbit.

RGIS Inventory Crews: Secure long-term year-round corporate contract business from global corps such as Walmart and Home Depot.

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