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Added value

Hotel Loyalty Rewards Program

Your guests want a rewards program that’s easy to understand, adds instant value and offers total flexibility when it comes to redemption. You want a rewards program that takes zero effort to run and manage. Our program, Magnuson Rewards does this.

Our global hotel rewards program is changing ‘thank you’. For good

With a finite number of customers available, retaining customers and generating an increase in their visitation and spend is paramount.  Just look at the well-established Pareto Principle where 80% of business comes from only 20% of clients or customers.

With a quality and reliable hotel rewards program, you can increase your marketing ROI by retaining the customers that you’ve fought to acquire.

By working with Magnuson Worldwide your hotel includes automatic inclusion into the Magnuson Rewards programs for no additional costs ensuring that your hotel benefits from international acquisition and retention programs to maintain customer health.

$25 Gift Card for every 10 nights

Your guest doesn’t have to accumulate points or tie themselves into time-consuming bonus schemes to feel rewarded. To keep things simple, for every 10 nights booked directly through us, Magnuson Rewards members earn a $25 Gift Card.

Add trust and credibility

By offering an Gift Card as a reward for customer loyalty, your hotel taps into one of the world’s most recognized brands and reinforces your dedication to customer satisfaction. Membership to Magnuson Rewards is free, so while your guests easily earn rewards, you can easily earn yourself a reputation.

Global recognition for your hotel

We believe in rewarding every Magnuson Worldwide customer, wherever they may be. That’s why Magnuson Rewards members can make the most of seasonal offers and promotional rates when booking hotels across six countries and four continents.

Reward your customers and yourself with us

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