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Metasearch Distribution

For your hotel metasearch distribution, Magnuson Worldwide offers the industry’s largest set of hotel metasearch direct connections, which means lower cost and higher levels of data accuracy. Your hotel can leverage our chain-level direct business relationships with these hotel metasearch distribution channels.

Enjoy distribution across Google Hotel Finder, TripAdvisor, Trivago, TripConnect, Travel Boutique Online, Wego, Skyscanner, Hotelscan, Roomkey,

Reach Further: Focus on new geographical markets, major corporations, travel management companies and government agencies to grow your revenue quickly.

Drive More Revenue: Benefit from the standardization of chain-level room types, rate plan codes, guarantee policies, and content rules that are precisely configured to the latest requirements of the GDSs.

Gain Time: Enjoy effective time management allowing you to achieve more in less time through custom built chain-level rate types and rules. Any changes will then flow instantly to all GDS and direct rate codes.

Chain-level reporting: You can easily find which room types, rate plans and promotions are producing the most revenue and transactions across your entire group and review 24/7 through your personalized dashboard.


24-hour service support: Access the support you need 24/7 and gain invaluable strategic advice from a dedicated online revenue manager committed to expanding your sources of business and increasing year-round occupancy.

Increase volume: Use daily recommendations from your personal portfolio manager on pricing, promotions and negotiation with the largest booking channels to increase booking volume, repeat visitation and cost efficiency.

Leverage our chain-level direct business relationships

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