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Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have rapidly become the most fundamental distribution channel for the travel industry, and with proper representation and distribution hoteliers can attract guests from all over the world. OTAs such as Expedia,, and Priceline are the most powerful way to fill your rooms 365 days a year.

The secret to making money from the OTAs is to be proactive on pricing, reviews, rooms available, and strong content. Plus, it’s about managing a balanced distribution set. Don’t just use Expedia and, add in other OTAs, metasearch sites and GDS channels so that your costs will be lower and your revenue higher.

Fill Your Rooms 365 Days A Year

As an individual hotelier, it can be a challenge finding time to manage large organizations like the OTAs. When you work with Magnuson Worldwide, you will be represented in all dealings with the OTAs, which means you will never have to deal with issues like wrong rates, availability or content again. Hotel owners who use Magnuson Worldwide’s OTA service see an increase of 27% on average in OTA revenue versus managing these channels independently.

Expedia Gold – Enjoy guaranteed top placement with, on average, 33% higher performance than self-managed direct. This includes, Orbitz, Travelocity and funded advertising for your hotel. OTA commission applies.

Ctrip-the largest Tourism Group of China, and the 3rd largest global OTA. Connect to over 250,000,000 members, representing an expected 3.1 million visitors from China to the States. OTA commission applies. VIP Placement – You’ll receive guaranteed top placement with, on average, 31% higher performance than self-managed direct. OTA commission applies.

TripAdvisor Trip Connect – Gain low-cost direct bookings from the world’s largest travel site. 12-15% commission applies.

Google Hotel Ads – Showcase your hotel on and Google Maps, across all devices, and sell rooms directly on Google. 15% commission from Google applies.

Hotwire – Boost your occupancy with prime distribution on the leading discount travel site. Additional OTA commission applies (10-35% dependent on participation level).

Agoda – Reach customers in new markets with Asia’s leading online hotel reservation company. 18% OTA commission applies.

Get represented in dealings with the OTAs with us

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