Ready to slash franchisee costs? Join the Magnuson Worldwide family

Hotel franchises are growing in popularity as hotel managers seek to find new ways of cutting costs and boosting profits. For independent hoteliers looking to join a franchise, there is only one true option – joining Magnuson Worldwide. Let’s look at some of the key benefits of joining Magnuson versus some of their major competitors.

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden costs to joining Magnuson’s franchise program. You’ll never receive an unexpected bill, and everything is up-front and transparent, just as any great partnership should be. On partnering with Magnuson Worldwide, all franchisee’s need pay is one simple fee which amounts to 5% of gross profits. That’s all – nothing else. Knowing exactly what you’ll be paying means you can make more meaningful financial plans for your venue, and keep most of what your hotel earns. On average, a hotel joining Magnuson stands to make an added 25% in profit over the first three years -so that’s a lot of money to pour back into the business and drive even greater success. In addition, Magnuson’s fee is lower than any other major hotel franchise – meaning you’ll not find a better deal on franchise fees anywhere in the world.

Increasing Brand Recognition

Don’t let this low fee fool you – signing up as a Magnuson Worldwide franchise comes with some serious prestige. You’ll receive all the recognition that goes along with being part of one of the world’s leading hotel brands without any of the intrusion you might expect, financially or otherwise. You’ll be supported with comprehensive brand marketing, as well as global reservations access and national advertising designed to boost occupancy rates and drive more guests to your hotel. In addition, the renowned Magnuson Rewards program encourages repeat custom and serves to enhance your reputation. For independent hotels who have always dreamed of gaining an international footing yet currently lack the resources needed, this is the ideal opportunity to join a franchise which can make it happen quickly and efficiently.

Harnessing Global Technology

As the name suggests, Magnuson Worldwide thrives on a truly global focus. The highly advanced single platform means both effectiveness and simplicity for customers seeking to book with you – and a low cost for your required services. You’ll benefit from a superior booking engine designed with usability and efficiency in mind, and become part of a global distribution network connecting you to thousands of travel agents and vendors around the world – all looking to match their hotel guests with a venue just like yours.

Supported 24/7

No other franchise can offer the same as Magnuson Worldwide when it comes to the level of support available. After partnering with this hotel chain, you’ll be eligible to your own personal online revenue manager, helping you grow your brand’s profits from day one. Not only is this added benefit available around the clock, whenever you need it – but your revenue manager will help support your hotel in building a strategy which encourages sustained custom. With Magnuson, cutting costs while increasing profits has never been so accessible.

Calculate your increased profit by switching to a Magnuson Hotel brand

While most major brands charge an average of 15% of total revenue with complex additional charges and corporate renovations, Magnuson offers one simple 5% of gross fee. See how much you can save with us.

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