Enjoy access to your own dedicated online revenue manager

Personal hotel revenue strategies, pricing and distribution support

Your revenue management team will include a personal account manager assigned to your hotel for pricing, promotions, distribution and total revenue strategy. Utilising the power of Magnuson Worldwide, your highly experienced team will manage the hotel's relationship for your benefit with OTAs, as well as accessing corporate, construction and industrial business.

First, Magnuson analysts research your local market to identify your competitive set, define your optimum revenue and fair share of the local market. Your team will focus on maximizing the value of your asset by creating a rolling 12-month revenue plan that prices your rooms across all channels, 365 days a year.

New non-OTA market segments

While many brands rely on expensive OTAs, Magnuson specializes in driving 52 weeks per year of non-leisure business. You need local construction business, corporate, industrial, government, group and educational segments to ensure a steady, growing business year-round. We have the tools and capability to secure those segments for you.