Local market growth; a return to the lost skills of increasing hotel occupancy

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Thomas Magnuson, CEO, Magnuson Hotels, calls for a return to the lost skills of filling a hotel.   We have been trained in recent years to fear the word ‘artisan’. Hoisted over your favourite coffee house, bakery or even rug shop, it usually means that you’re about to pay significantly more than you would normally […]

Until the PIPs squeak

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Thomas Magnuson, CEO, Magnuson Hotels, looks at how hotel brand standardization is unsustainable and, increasingly, outmoded.   We can trace brand standards and the standardization of hotel rooms back to the 1950s upon the introduction of the interstate freeway system across the US. It was post World War Two and President Dwight Eisenhower decided to […]

New York’s Magnuson Hotel East Syracuse joins Magnuson Hotels

Magnuson Hotel East Syracuse in New York State

Press Release – 30 August 2019 Magnuson Hotels is proud to announce the addition of Magnuson Hotel East Syracuse in New York State to the Magnuson family. This hotel offers 75 rooms in a convenient location on Interstate 90 with easy access to Syracuse Hancock International Airport, Syracuse University and lots of local attractions.  “We’re delighted to […]

Magnuson continues global expansion, adding 10 hotels in 30 days

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Sept 25, 2018 London UK/Spokane WA At Magnuson Worldwide, America’s fastest growing hotel brand, we are proud to announce that we’ve added nearly a dozen new hotels in the last 30 days to our branded portfolio and the ‘By Magnuson Worldwide’ soft brand collection. We’re expanding globally with several new hotels joining the brand including the new Magnuson […]

Don’t spend money on your hotel until you’ve read this

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Every hotelier wants to ensure their hotel is in the best possible shape, capable of drawing in customers and generating revenue for many years to come. As the methods available for sustaining and marketing your hotel become ever more complex, and in some cases expensive – here’s the Magnuson Worldwide guide to the major costly […]

How Magnuson Worldwide keeps its customers loyal

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Brands such as Magnuson Worldwide do not become what they are without an understanding of customer loyalty – building it, cultivating it and sustaining it over time. All kinds of travellers benefit from hotel loyalty programmes, from guests staying at your hotel for business, to those who are simply frequent travellers for leisure. Yet there […]

What to do When a big Competitor Comes to Town

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When you run a smaller hotel, it can be terrifying to discover you’re about to be competing with one of the larger chains for reputation, facilities and guests. But never fear- there are ways to not only survive but thrive when that big competitor arrives on the scene. Here’s our quick guide to keeping your […]

Athena Inn Chattanooga, Tennessee, Joins Magnuson Independents

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At Magnuson Hotels, America’s largest independent hotel group, we are proud to announce today the latest addition to the Magnuson Hotels family, the Athena Inn, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Situated in the stunning, mountainous terrain of Chattanooga, the Athena Inn is just 3 miles from the Chattanooga Airport, and 1 mile from the Hamilton Place Mall. The perfect place to stay […]

Tulsa Best Western Rebrands as Magnuson Hotel Sand Springs

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At Magnuson Hotels, America’s fastest growing hotel brand, we are proud to announce today the rebranding of the Magnuson Hotel Sand Springs, located in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Formerly a Best Western, the Magnuson Hotel Sand Springs will upgrade its market position to attract travelers via an affiliation with Magnuson Hotels’ worldwide portfolio of over 1,000 […]

Magnuson Hotels Joins 5 Million Room HRS Portfolio to Expand Business Traveler Segment


HRS, the world’s leading hotel content provider with more than five million rooms in global distribution systems, added Magnuson Hotels’ 1,000+ properties to its inventory. Magnuson Hotels is the world’s largest independent hotel group, with its hotel locations spread across six countries and three continents. HRS, which works directly with more than 40,000 corporate travel […]