Tom Magnuson: The Most Important Lessons Learned From Starting Magnuson Hotels

Magnuson Worldwide founder Tom Magnuson is responsible for creating the fastest-growing hotel brand of all time, with more new hotels added in the last ten years than eight of the brand’s ten biggest competitors. Here, the founder shares the most important lessons learned through starting a successful hotel chain such as Magnuson, and how these […]

Tom Magnuson’s 7 Rules on Being a Successful Hotel Manager

Tom Magnuson, CEO of Magnuson Worldwide

Managing a hotel is no easy business. With increased competition and ever-shifting success indicators, it can be difficult for hotels to stay afloat, let alone thrive. Here, Magnuson Worldwide founder Tom Magnuson shares his top 7 rules for managing a super-successful hotel, no matter what obstacles are in your way… 1.Lead and Innovate Innovation is […]