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We’ve really enjoyed working with Magnuson Hotels, they give us more flexibility to adjust our hotel to our market rather than following a national standard.

Magnuson Hotel Clearwater Central

Magnuson Hotels doesn’t dictate how you run your hotel. They understand that you are making operational decisions based on your capital needs.

Magnuson Hotel Marina Cove

They have been very, very helpful. They have helped with the sign, they have helped us quite a bit. We rely on them a whole lot and they always come through.

Magnuson Hotel Wildwood Inn

Benefit from a strong brand and professional services.

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BridgePoint Inn Daly City

The BridgePoint Inn Daly City went live with Magnuson Hotels a decade ago on May 24th, 2007. This hotel is an example of the true
10 Apr 2017
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Seaside Inn Clearwater Beach

The Seaside Inn Clearwater Beach is the second hotel of two that owner Martin Cole has brought on to the Magnuson portfolio. His first being
10 Apr 2017
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Magnuson Grand Tier | Magnuson Grand Madison

During the recession, the owner of the Wingate Hotel Madison was looking for ways to survive the decrease in revenue coupled with the increasing expenses
10 Apr 2017
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