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The flagship Fair Franchise, an SBA- certified hotel brand that doesn't tie you down with long-term contracts, mandatory renovations, or obligatory purchasing programs.

About Us

Fair Franchising for sustainable communities.

Melissa and Thomas Magnuson co-founded Magnuson Hotels in 2003, pioneering the world's first independent hotel chain. Their vision was rooted in the belief that independently minded hotel owners could thrive in their local markets without incurring the high expenses and stringent requirements often associated with traditional franchising. Today, Magnuson Hotels boasts a significant presence across North America and Europe, having provided valuable support to over 2000 hotels.
In contrast to traditional hotel franchisors, which typically charge a hefty 12.5% of gross room revenues and impose supply and renovation mandates at the owner's expense, Magnuson Hotels takes a different approach. Our strategy is built on affordability and supports the unique character of each hotel, prioritizing local marketing over corporate standardization.
Magnuson Hotels' Fair Franchising model is committed to fostering sustainable communities by creating localized value and economic growth. By encouraging owners to source their TV sets, cleaning supplies, mattresses, bakery goods, and even eggs from local suppliers, the chain helps preserve jobs, generate more local tax revenue, and bolster essential community institutions like schools, hospitals, and public safety.
The foundation of Magnuson Hotels was laid by Melissa and Thomas Magnuson, who, as former hotel owners and franchisees, aimed to cultivate a company culture that promotes mutual benefit for everyone involved—hotel owners, their staff, and the communities they serve.

Unlock the power of Magnuson Hotels Infrastructure with a fully integrated platform

Join over 2000 hotels across North America, the UK, and Europe that have harnessed Magnuson Hotels' integrated platform and powerful infrastructure to streamline operations, boost bookings, and drive business growth. Our cutting-edge single-platform cloud technology, paired with strategic growth experts, empowers your hotel to optimize revenue and tap into new non-OTA customer segments.

Independent Group
Access the power of the world’s largest hotel chains while keeping your unique independent identity.

Established in 2003, Magnuson Hotels pioneered the concept of a hotel chain designed exclusively for independent hotels. We provide hotel owners with access to exceptional pricing, distribution channels, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive support. Experience the benefits of a global hotel brand, retain your distinct identity without being tied down in traditional franchise models.

Hotel Franchise Brand

Upgrade your current hotel franchise without the burden of lengthy contracts, mandatory renovations, and obligatory purchasing programs.

Recognised as the first and leading alternative to traditional franchising, Magnuson Hotels offers a profitable franchised hotel solution that eliminates long-term contracts, renovation mandates, and mandatory purchasing commitments. Since our inception in 2003, we have proudly upheld the title of the original Fair Franchise brand. We are also certified in the U.S. Franchise Registry, a prestigious national listing of brands endorsed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). This SBA franchise certification not only enhances your chances of securing loan guarantees for your hotel but also expedites financing approvals, cutting months off the loan process.

Reduce the costs of expensive OTAs leveraging Magnuson’s alternative distribution network

Magnuson's OTA-alternative distribution network offers a gateway to tap into local and sustainable segments across various industries, including transportation, construction, trucking, medical, defense, energy, industrial, education, government, and technology. Our approach ensures consistent business flow throughout the year, effectively mitigating the impact of seasonality and guaranteeing steady operations 52 weeks a year.

Connect your hotel to the world from one platform.

Connect to 650,000 GDS travel agents, all online booking channels.

Keep your own technology or move to Magnuson cloud.

Magnuson's global hotel services platform seamlessly integrates with all major PMS, CRS, channel managers, payment gateways, merchant systems, and hotel automation solutions. Whether you prefer to enhance revenue through your existing system or opt for the Magnuson Cloud, our single comprehensive system unifies PMS, channel management, CRS, revenue optimization, housekeeping management, and automated check-in functionalities for your convenience.

Magnuson Hotels Franchise Brand

Why over 2000 hotel owners have used Magnuson Hotels.

Fast-track your hotel 's growth with hassle-free hotel financing.

Boost customer satisfaction, enhance reviews, and elevate your REVPAR through easy renovations. Rapid funding for franchising, renovations, equipment, furniture, and fixtures is just a few steps away with our straightforward process.

Buy or sell a hotel via Magnuson Hotels extensive network.

Access a global investor network exclusively focussed on the hospitality industry. Achieve highest valuation for your property, as well as access to a vast inventory of distressed assets.

Refer a hotel to Magnuson Hotels and receive $1000.

Hotel owners and brokers, when you refer a property owner to us, they can start generating income in a matter of days, thanks to our swift activation and licensing process.


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Frequently asked questions

Established in 2003, Magnuson Hotels provides independent hotel owners with a unique opportunity to access global brand support without the constraints of PIPs and mandatory standardization, enabling them to fully capitalize on revenue potential. Our comprehensive hotel platform offers a hassle-free, all-inclusive solution, complete with the essential professional support you need, all without the burden of PIPs, franchise obligations, or superfluous fees. Moreover, our streamlined process ensures your seamless integration with Magnuson Hotels in just 30 days. This approach empowers you with the autonomy, flexibility, and freedom to make the optimal decisions for both yourself and your guests.
Choose either branded or independent status with Magnuson Hotels and enjoy the freedom to make decisions that suit your hotel's unique needs. Magnuson Hotels leverages local marketing expertise to boost your occupancy rates and drive direct bookings, reducing reliance on costly OTAs and maintaining a year-round focus on local and sustainable market segments.
Magnuson Hotels' analysts conduct thorough research on your local market and competition to determine your optimal revenue goals and fair market share. We create a dynamic 12- month revenue plan that sets room pricing across all channels for every day of the year. You'll collaborate with a personal revenue manager and a dedicated team to ensure the profitability of your asset.
Magnuson Hotels Franchise Brand, established in 2003, stands out as the original Fair Franchise. It provides a profitable pathway to franchised hotel ownership without the burden of long-term contracts, mandatory renovations, or required purchasing programs. Additionally, Magnuson is SBA-certified, which can expedite financing approvals for hotel owners
Magnuson's OTA-alternative distribution network taps into local and sustainable market segments, including transportation, construction, trucking, medical, defense, energy, industrial, education, government, and technology sectors. By targeting these segments, it minimizes seasonality and ensures a consistent flow of business throughout the year, reducing reliance on expensive OTAs.
Magnuson's global hotel services platform, including the Magnuson Cloud, supports leading Property Management Systems (PMS), Central Reservation Systems (CRS), channel managers, payment gateways, merchant systems, and hotel automation. It allows you to increase revenue through your existing system or seamlessly transition to the Magnuson Cloud, consolidating essential functionalities for efficient hotel operations.