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Magnuson Hotels independent group

Successfully operating an independent hotel can be complicated, especially in the face of tough competition from branded chain hotels. Magnuson has the technology, the people and the commitment to maximize your profitability and reach the right audience from day one. Your property can achieve success, by celebrating the unique characteristics of your property and using Magnuson proven analytics.

Magnuson Hotels franchise brands

Simple brand standards with absolutely no PIPs. The Magnuson midscale and upper midscale brands offer your hotel an opportunity to succeed utilizing full brand support, without costly upgrades or mandatory purchasing. Our brand standards are simple; maintain good review scores and exceed guest expectations. Our professional team and proprietary technology will propel your hotel into the right market segment, increasing the ADR to a profitable advantage.

Magnuson Hotels international

Magnuson Hotels expanded to UK and beyond in 2010, and offers a solution to property owners facing the challenge of competing with franchise brand hotels that have grown at an astounding rate in the UK and globally in recent years. Magnuson Hotels was created to provide an alternative to costly typical hotel franchise brands, and has been doing so successfully since 2003. Many international hotels can be highly successful operating as an independent, with the right technology, analytics and professional support.