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Revolutionizing hospitality with advanced technology

At Magnuson Hotels, we understand that the success of your hotel business hinges on efficient operations, strategic revenue management, and cutting-edge technology. Our all-in-one platform and integrated solutions empower hoteliers like you to maximize revenue, streamline operations, and stay ahead of the competition. Let’s explore how our technological capabilities and integrated platform can elevate your hotel’s performance:

All-in-One Platform: Manage all hotel operations seamlessly, from Property Management System (PMS) to revenue management within a single platform.

Infrastructure enhancement:
Increase revenue fast and affordably

Achieve higher occupancy and RevPAR with minimal changes to your existing technology. Non-OTA direct business segments and ongoing strategic revenue support from our highly skilled team of revenue managers will be provided. Activation in all Magnuson systems can take place in 30 days or less.

Strategic support services:
Bypass your competition with support from expert growth strategists.

At Magnuson Hotels, we provide strategic support services to help you outperform your competition. Our expert growth strategists work closely with you to develop customized strategies that align with your hotel’s unique goals and challenges. By leveraging their industry expertise, you can navigate the dynamic hospitality landscape with confidence, making informed decisions that drive your hotel’s growth and success.

Onboarding excellence:
Seamless hotel activation in 30 days or less

Our full-service activation process ensures your hotel is up and running in 30 days or less. We handle everything from PMS/CRS setup and integration to payment gateway and connectivity across various channels, including OTAs, GDS, Meta, Wholesale, and We optimize your content across all channels, provide comprehensive system training, and equip branded properties with marketing materials and booking engine functionality on their websites

Content management: Optimize property photos, descriptions, and amenities across all channels

Our content management services ensure your hotel’s online presence is visually appealing and informative. We meticulously optimize property photos, descriptions, and amenities to create engaging listings across all online channels. Additionally, we prioritize ADA compliance to make your property accessible to all guests. We also highlight local attractions to showcase the unique experiences your location offers. By implementing SEO marketing practices, we enhance your visibility in search engines, driving more organic traffic to your hotel’s website and booking channels.

Revenue management:
From dynamic pricing to targeted promotions

Implement short- and long-term revenue strategies, dynamic pricing, business mix optimization, and tactical promotions. We ensure rate parity, optimize channels, and generate demand across various segments, including GDS, RFPs, Consortia, Groups, Corporate, Government, Military, Construction, Magnuson Club, and our no-cost loyalty program.

Stay ahead with pace and pick-up analysis, trend reports, and 12-month forecasts

Magnuson Hotels provides advanced analytics tools to help you make data-driven decisions. Our pace and pick-up analysis allow you to monitor your hotel’s booking pace and adjust strategies accordingly. Trend reports provide insights into market dynamics and emerging guest preferences, enabling you to stay ahead of industry trends. With 12-month forecasts, you can plan for the future with confidence, optimizing your revenue strategies based on projected demand. Additionally, access to monthly STR surveys with market/submarket comparative data helps you benchmark your performance against competitors.

Magnuson Hotels cloud capabilities:
Revolutionize hotel management

Manage all hotel operations seamlessly with our cloud-based platform. From PMS and revenue management to AI pricing, housekeeping, and automated check-ins, our platform covers both front and back-of-house capabilities. You can efficiently manage inventory and rates, apply yield management rules, and enhance guest management with pre- and post-stay communication. Our system also includes a housekeeping dashboard with a PWA interface, full reporting suite, and OTA-alternative distribution to access local and sustainable business segments year-round.

Account management:
Benefit from weekly reviews with our revenue management team and 24-hour support

Our account management services are designed to provide ongoing support and guidance. You’ll have weekly reviews with our experienced Revenue Management team, where you can discuss performance metrics, pricing strategies, and revenue optimization tactics. This collaborative approach ensures that your hotel remains competitive and maximizes revenue opportunities. Moreover, our 24-hour support is available to address any urgent inquiries or issues, ensuring that you have dedicated assistance whenever you need it.

Channel manager:
Experience lightning-fast data transmission to global booking sites

Our channel manager simplifies distribution by facilitating lightning-fast data transmission to global booking sites. You can effortlessly manage room availability, rates, and inventory across various online channels, ensuring real-time updates and reducing the risk of overbooking. With direct connections to primary travel agents and access to over 650,000 worldwide GDS travel agents via leading global distribution systems (GDS) like Amadeus, Sabre, and Galileo, your hotel gains exposure to a vast network of potential guests.

Booking engine:
Increase direct bookings by setting your own rates and showcasing local attractions

Our booking engine empowers your hotel to increase direct bookings. You have the flexibility to set your own rates, create enticing packages, and implement SEO strategies to attract guests directly through your website. We also emphasize the importance of showcasing local attractions, helping you create compelling narratives that encourage guests to book with you directly. By providing a seamless and user-friendly booking experience, you can capture more reservations and reduce reliance on third-party booking platforms.

Seamlessly Integrate with various hotel technologies and solutions

We understand the importance of seamless integrations in the modern hotel industry. Magnuson Hotels offers compatibility with a wide range of technologies and solutions, including ePOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems, keyless door locks, check-in kiosks, guest experience solutions, and more. These integrations enhance operational efficiency, improve guest experiences, and streamline your hotel’s daily functions. You can choose the solutions that best fit your property’s needs and have them seamlessly integrated into our platform.

Comprehensive training and 24/7/365 assistance

Our commitment to your success goes beyond technology. We provide comprehensive training through live online classes, offering you and your staff the knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize our platform and tools. Additionally, our library of training articles and videos serves as a valuable resource for ongoing learning. For any questions or issues, our dedicated support team is available 24/7/365, ensuring you have access to assistance whenever it’s required.

Enjoy built-in payment processing with chip and PIN capabilities

With built-in payment processing capabilities, Magnuson Hotels simplifies financial transactions for your guests. Our platform supports chip and PIN payments, enhancing security and reducing the risk of chargebacks. This streamlined payment process not only improves the guest experience but also ensures efficient and secure financial transactions for your hotel.

Technology partners:
Connect with leading PMS providers, GDS networks, and more

Whether you choose to maintain your existing technology systems or transition to Magnuson Hotels’ infrastructure, we offer seamless integration with industry-leading technology partners. Our connections extend to Property Management System (PMS) providers, Global Distribution Systems (GDS) networks, channel managers, online travel agents, merchant services, and other essential integrations. This flexibility ensures that you can easily adapt to our platform while maintaining compatibility with your preferred technology solutions.

Join over 2,000 hotels that have successfully leveraged Magnuson Hotels’ platform and support services to boost profitability. Our commitment to technological excellence and personalized support sets us apart in the industry.

Contact us today to unlock your hotel’s full potential with Magnuson Hotels. Together, we’ll redefine hospitality success.

Keep your own system or move to Magnuson Cloud Infrastructure. new business with little to no changes needed.

Magnuson infrastructure connects to these industry-leading platforms.


GDS NETWORK (Over 650,000 travel agents)







Over 2000 hotels have successfully used Magnuson Hotels’ platform and support services to increase profit.

Frequently asked questions

The Magnuson Hotels integrated platform is a comprehensive solution that combines various hotel technology solutions into one cohesive system. It includes tools for property management, revenue management, marketing, and more, making it easier for hotels to streamline operations and enhance their marketing efforts.

Magnuson Hotels’ integrated platform empowers hotels with powerful marketing tools, enabling them to optimize content across multiple channels, manage reservations efficiently, and access guest data for personalized marketing campaigns. This comprehensive approach enhances your hotel’s visibility and attracts more guests.

Magnuson Hotels stands out as hotel technology providers due to our all-in-one integrated platform. We offer a wide range of technology solutions that cover everything from property management to revenue management and marketing, providing a one-stop solution for hoteliers looking to streamline their operations.

The Magnuson Hotels platform supports hotel marketing by offering content optimization tools, direct booking capabilities, and integration with various online channels. Hoteliers can effectively showcase their properties, set competitive rates, and leverage SEO marketing to attract more guests.

Yes, you have the flexibility to either keep your current system or transition to Magnuson Hotels’ technology platform. We work with a wide range of technology partners to ensure a smooth transition and compatibility with your existing setup.

Magnuson Hotels offers comprehensive training, ongoing support, and a library of resources to assist hotels in utilizing our integrated platform effectively for marketing. Our team is available 24/7/365 to address any inquiries or issues you may encounter.