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We are the fastest Growing Hotel Brand

Today, Magnuson Hotels has become the fastest growing hotel brand in history, adding more new hotels in the last 10 years than 8 of the top 10 chains combined. Magnuson Hotels’ newly formed global alliance with Chinese hotel operator, Jin Jiang Hotels, as well as Louvre Hotels Group in Europe, created a consortium of over 8,000 hotels worldwide, equal to the size of a top 2 hotel chain.

Headquartered in London UK and Spokane WA, Magnuson Hotels is a top 15 global hotel group that markets over 1,000 hotels across six countries in four continents.

Founded in 2003 by Thomas and Melissa Magnuson, Magnuson Hotels made its initial mark as ‘the low-cost alternative to franchising’, and quickly became the world’s largest independent hotel group. In 2006, Magnuson Hotels introduced three hotel brands to its repertoire serving the upper midscale, midscale and economy segments, allowing hotel owners a way to achieve global brand support at a lower cost than traditional hotel groups.

More about Thomas and Melissa Magnuson

Thomas and Melissa Magnuson co-founded Magnuson Worldwide as a home based business in 2003.

Today, Magnuson Worldwide is the Top 15 hotel chain representing 1,000 independently owned hotels across six countries and four continents.

Thomas Magnuson is a graduate of Harvard Business School, Pepperdine University School of Business and Tufts University. He serves as CEO of Magnuson Worldwide.

Melissa Magnuson is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths, University of London. She serves as Chairman of Magnuson Worldwide.

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