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Founded in 2003 as the world’s first independent hotel chain.

Melissa and Thomas Magnuson co-founded Magnuson Hotels in 2003 as the world’s first independent hotel chain, dedicated to the ethos that independently minded hotel owners succeed in their local markets without high franchise expense or requirements. Today, Magnuson Hotels represents a footprint across North America and Europe, having assisted over 2000 hotels.

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Chief Operating Officer

Fair Franchising for sustainable communities.

In 2022, Magnuson Hotel Franchising was formed by founders Melissa and Thomas Magnuson to provide fair, friendly, and affordable franchise support so owners, their employees, and their supporting communities could prosper via a win-win ethos. As former hotel owners and franchisees, Melissa and Thomas sought to create a company culture of mutual benefit for all involved.
While traditional hotel franchisors charge an average of 12.5% of gross rooms revenues and mandate supply and renovations at owner expense, Magnuson’s approach helps owners succeed with affordable fees and marketing supporting uniqueness, rather than standardisation from a corporate level.
Since the beginning, Magnuson’s ethos has been that when hotel owners are treated like family and allowed to make their own decisions, more pride emerges, which in turn creates a more positive atmosphere for the travelling customer.
Magnuson Hotels’ Fair Franchising approach seeks to help support sustainable communities by creating more localized value and enterprise. When owners can purchase their TV sets, cleaning supplies and mattresses locally, more jobs are preserved, resulting in more local taxes, supporting local schools, hospitals, and public safety. When hotel owners can purchase their morning bakery goods and eggs from local bakeries and farms, more local businesses grow, creating unique experiences for the traveller.