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Magnuson supports your independent hotel identity.

Magnuson Hotels was founded in 2003 as the world’s first hotel chain dedicated to Independent Hotels. The power of affiliation with Magnuson will leverage your individual identity and distinct characteristics for maximum performance with the full strength and support of Magnuson’s global infrastructure.

Direct bookings are a priority with Magnuson's OTA-alternative network.

Increase direct bookings and reduce the costs of expensive OTAs. Magnuson’s OTA-alternative distribution channel opens access to local and sustainable direct market segments including transportation, construction, trucking, medical, defense, energy, industrial, education, government, and technology sectors. Minimize seasonality with a consistent 52-week business flow

Magnuson Hotels = Independent hotel success

Founded from the perspective of hotels owners, the Magnuson team understands the intricacies of running an independent hotel, especially in the face of formidable competition from branded chain hotels. Our mission is to empower you to maximize profitability and connect with the right audience from day one.

Unlock your property's full potential

Receive a complimentary performance analysis tailored to your property. This report is meticulously designed to recommend the ideal positioning and revenue strategy, ensuring higher profit margins on your investment.

Tailored strategies for your success

Our team of experts customizes revenue and distribution strategies specific to your local market, reducing your reliance on costly OTAs. This, in turn, grants you the freedom to concentrate on building your brand and enhancing guest experiences.

Maximize revenue potential

Dynamic Pricing: Target local, non-leisure business segments to optimize revenue.

Speedy conversion

Guaranteed Conversion in 30 Days: Experience a rapid transition to Magnuson Hotels.

Flexible contracts

Prioritising tangible results and significant improvements to your key financials, Magnuson Hotels believes long term commitments can be limiting and are not beneficial to shared success.

Why choose Magnuson Hotels?

With a proven track record spanning two decades, we’ve consistently provided hotel owners the support they need to attain financial freedom while retaining their independence. The Magnuson Independent Group consistently outperforms the industry averages as reported by STR.

Personalized hotel strategy

Gain access to round-the-clock support for all your operational needs, including revenue management, marketing, and technology. Being independent doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

The evolution of Independent Hotels and Magnuson.

Magnuson Hotels was founded in 2003, in a time when expanding one’s hotel revenues meant choosing between two paths: franchising and giving control to a publicly traded brand or staying unsupported as an independent hotelier.

The era of franchising.

For access to global travel agencies, international markets, and major corporate business, a franchised brand was promoted as the only solution. Franchising brought the promise of growth, but at a significant cost. Strict corporate standardization control and fees often took 15% to 20% of total room revenues. Corporate mandated Property Improvement Plans (PIPs) could increase expenses to a midscale hotel owner by $20,000 per room.

The independent route.

Without a franchise, hotels operating independently relied on traditional marketing methods such as billboards, road directories, seasonal travel and print advertising in the pre-internet era. Success hinged on attracting repeat business through word-of-mouth and local connections.

The third way. Global exposure with a priority on Independence.

In 2003, Magnuson Hotels revolutionized the conventional hotel franchising model by offering a pioneering alternative supporting independent hotels. Hotel owners gained the ability to tap into global marketing, access travel agencies, corporate clients, and international segments, all while receiving comprehensive support from the Magnuson hotel chain without sacrificing their independence. The provision of personalized marketing and distribution support was established at reasonable fees, catering to the needs of independent hotel owners.

Powerful hospitality technology

Our all-in-one tech solution simplifies operations and enables key automation. It’s easy to use and adapt, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—providing exceptional hospitality.

This isn’t just a competitive advantage for your independent property; it’s an opportunity to create a lasting legacy infused with your hotel’s unique character and personality.

The evolution of independent hotels and hotel owners

Our journey begins in a time when independent hotel owners faced a unique set of challenges. Expanding beyond local communities meant choosing between two paths: franchising with a publicly traded brand or going solo as an independent hotelier.

The era of franchising and corporate control

Franchising brought the promise of growth but at a significant cost. Strict corporate control and fees often took a hefty 15% to 20% bite out of total room revenues. Add to that the standardized design requirements, known as Property Improvement Plans (PIPs), which could cost a midscale motorway hotel owner at least $20,000 per room.

The independent hotel route

On the other hand, operating independently meant relying on traditional marketing methods like billboards, road directories, and print advertising in the pre-internet era. Success hinged on attracting repeat business through word-of-mouth and local connections.

The game-changer: online travel agencies (OTAs)

In 1999, the hospitality landscape witnessed a game-changer with the emergence of Expedia as a public company. OTAs offered national and global exposure to independent hotels. However, this exposure came at a price—a steep 25% commission on rooms sold. Managing bookings across multiple channels became complex, with one hotel owner even setting up 16 fax machines just to handle bookings from different channels.

Magnuson Hotels: pioneering independence

Magnuson Hotels launched on February 3, 2003, fueled by a clear mission: to establish a robust business platform that provided effective support to independent hotels. The business model to boost revenue for hotel owners, elevate community value, and safeguard the distinctive identities of hotels, all while exceeding guest expectations has been immensely successful.

Reforming hotel franchising

As lifelong hotel owners, the Magnusons understood the need for reform in hotel franchising. Their goal was to offer fair and sustainable growth opportunities without the burden of PIPs, excessive franchise fees, mandatory suppliers, and long-term contracts.

The progress of independent hotels

In the years that followed, the independent hotel sector made significant strides. Soft brands from leading hotel chains provided representation for independents, and platforms like Airbnb challenged the idea that standardization was always best. The industry, however, faced challenges such as industry consolidation, increasing OTA power, and competition from non-hotel supply.

Embracing technology and flexibility

Despite these challenges, independent hotel owners have access to innovative, cost-effective technology solutions. These tools enable them to connect with travelers while preserving their unique character. Flexible operations and technology have become essential for navigating economic turbulence and operating profitably.

The journey continues

The journey from traditional franchising or standalone operations to a new era of independence continues for hotel owners seeking to thrive in a rapidly changing hospitality landscape
Join us in embracing the evolution of independent hotels and the resilient spirit of hotel owners dedicated to providing exceptional experiences while staying true to their unique identities.

Frequently asked questions

Magnuson’s OTA-Alternative Network reduces the costs associated with expensive OTAs, allowing you to retain more of your revenue. By targeting local and sustainable market segments, it drives up direct bookings and ensures a consistent 52-week business flow.

Magnuson’s OTA-Alternative Network taps into a wide range of local and sustainable market segments, including transportation, construction, trucking, medical, defence, energy, industrial, education, government, and technology sectors.

Joining the Magnuson Independent Group allows you to maintain your individual identity while enhancing your property’s distinct characteristics. You’ll also gain access to new business segments throughout the year.

Magnuson Hotels provides comprehensive infrastructure and support to ensure the success of independent hotels. This includes revenue management, marketing, technology, and more.

Magnuson Hotels offers tailored strategies, dynamic pricing, and personalized support to reduce reliance on costly OTAs and enhance your brand. With no PIPs, flexible contracts, and a guaranteed 30-day conversion, you can experience increased revenue and financial freedom while maintaining your independence.

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