5 travelling trends to consider for your 2018 marketing campaign

October 17, 2017   London UK/Spokane WA

When it comes to marketing a hotel business you’re in for some tough competition. Being aware of the wider market trends can help you get ahead of the curve by understanding exactly what holidaymakers are looking for. We’ve identified the five areas you should be considering now for 2018.

1. Foodie tourism

Perhaps inspired by mouth-watering snaps on Instagram, foodie tourism is on the rise. It’s a simple aspect to demonstrate within your marketing efforts. If you offer great food within your hotel, you could draw in more customers by shouting about it. If food is an area that you struggle with as an establishment, why not try partnering with some of your local restaurants, takeaways, and street food vendors to give travellers what they want.

2. Local travel

More people are realising they don’t have to travel long haul to have unique and inspiring experiences. It gives you an opportunity to entice travellers that live only a few hours away and are often considering shorter breaks. The trick here is to really enhance what your immediate local area has to offer. It could be beautiful walking trails to attract travellers from a nearby city or a little-known history gem that people will want to see for themselves.

3. Solo travellers

A few years ago, you might not have seen many solo travellers but the eagerness to try new things and seize the moment means you can expect more lone travellers showing up at your hotel in 2018. For these travellers, safety is often a concern so show off the steps you take to ensure the best possible level of protection for your guests. Having a community area where solo guests can mingle and strike up new friendships is a bonus too.

4. Taking control

Gone are the days when you have to head to a travel agent to book a holiday. Today’s travellers are keen to take full control to create the holiday of their dreams. What does this mean you should be emphasising in your marketing campaign? How simple you make the whole process. Consider your online booking system and how easy it is for customers to navigate. If you can go the extra mile to offer personalised services you’ll be one step ahead too.

5. Mixing business and pleasure

While some business people have always mixed business and pleasure, it’s set to become an even bigger trend. Employees that are travelling for work still want to experience the local culture and see some of the sights that make the destination stand out. To attract these customers, you’ll need to demonstrate that your hotel not only has the business essentials, such as good internet connection and workspace, but is well placed for spending an hour or two exploring the area in the evening.

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