Independence Day

As 2020 is projected to be the worst year ever for hotel occupancy, operators are presented with fresh challenges that can turn into growth opportunities.


Because independent hotels are not controlled by large franchise corporations, independent owners have more flexibility and freedom to make changes that are good for travellers, and that will increase overall business.

While managing costs effectively has become critical due to the drop in revenue, we urge independent hotel owners to increase focus and resources to ensure high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

The all-time low demand is opening up a door to serve alternative markets and audiences, and Magnuson systems are geared to do just that by having connections to the widest range of GDS and travel agents channels, with the flexibility to satisfy shorter lead time, mobile users or essential workers and maintain occupancy.

As upper class and luxury segments drop rates, demand based dynamic pricing has become a very important part of the day to day running of a hotel. As dynamic market-based pricing opens up more options for travelers, independent owners see increased sales.

There is no better time for an independent hotel owner to update standards. When economic conditions drop, added competition rises, which drives the potential to stand out of the crowd.  Exceptional service, cleanliness and hotel quality will always ensure a long-term return on investment for guests and hotel owners.