Choosing a Growing Hotel Chain Could Inject Creativity and Expertise While Still Allowing Input

Hospitality management teams searching for a hotel chain to work with could be better served choosing a fast-growing brand, according to Magnuson. The business, which has rapidly expanded over the last few years, explains that working with a developing business allows hoteliers to still retain control and ensure that their input is heard across a variety of business-critical areas.

While many management teams can be tempted by established brands, Magnuson argues that their way of working has the potential to offer more to each hotel within its network. Rather than having a rigid system in place, growing chains are still developing, providing hotels with additional flexibility. With creativity and an innovative culture, growing chains offer hotels an alternative to fixed models.

Alysha Smith, Global Head of Marketing of Magnuson Hotels, said, “Many chains that hotels can work with already have a strict model in place that doesn’t move to reflect the clients or latest trends. In contrast, fast-growing chains are still evolving, providing hotels with even more opportunities. Here at Magnuson, we are constantly taking feedback and reviews from customers on board, allowing them to retain input and see the advantages that they can really benefit from. Choosing a developing brand could be exactly what ambitious hotels need to reach their full potential.”

Magnuson is aiming to change how hotel franchising is operated, a model that’s proven after its seen its network soar in recent years. While hotels benefit from brand recognition and industry-leading technology, the network delivers a flexible solution that adapts to reflect changing demands. Magnuson offers a low-cost entry point for hotels that are keen to seize the opportunities that joining a chain can bring without sacrificing their individuality.

With the Magnuson brand growing and reaching more customers, becoming part of the chain can boost a hotels presence in a highly competitive industry.

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