Conformity Doesn’t Mean a Better Customer Experience, Says Magnuson Worldwide

August 29, 2017
London UK/Spokane WA

Hotels tempted to conform to the styles of large chains are being urged to hold on to their individuality by the world’s largest network of independent hotels, Magnuson Worldwide.The leading brand argues that conformity isn’t linked to customer experience and that uniqueness can actually improve satisfaction levels while attracting customers, delivering numerous benefits for hotels that are original.

Magnuson Worldwide, which has built an extensive network of independent hotels, states that the modern traveler is all about individual experiences. With this in mind, a property’s unique style and characteristics can become valuable selling points that help the hotel stand out from cookie cutter options. With many small, independent hotels struggling to compete with established industry names, the demand for individuality represents a significant opportunity for savvy hoteliers.

KC Cook, VP, Brand and Development of Magnuson Worldwide, said, “Travelers today don’t want to stay in rooms that look the same in every city. They want authenticity and original experiences. Hotel owners that look at what makes their property offering unique can really take advantage of this shift. With the right marketing and processes in place, hotels can use their personal style to attract customers, receive great reviews, and keep travelers coming back. Of course, there does need to be a balance and simple nonconformity isn’t enough alone to improve customer experience but hotels can make it work for them.”

Recognizing the importance of style and unique properties, Magnuson Worldwide offers a more flexible network than the traditional franchise model. While giving businesses access to industry leading technology and the benefits that operating as part of a chain can bring, such as marketing skills and enticing loyalty programs, the brand allows hotels to retain their sense of personality. By connecting hotels that are part of its network with an engaged audience, Magnuson Worldwide can help business owners increase their profits consistently, it’s a model that thousands of hoteliers have already taken advantage of.

About Magnuson Worldwide:
Since its launch thirteen years ago, Magnuson Worldwide has become America’s fastest growing hotel brand and a top 15 global chain, marketing over 1,000 hotels across six countries and three continents. Magnuson Worldwide’s newly formed distribution partnership with Chinese operator Jin Jiang Hotels and Europe’s Louvre Hotels is the world’s largest hotel alliance, forming a consortium of over 8,000 hotels and 800,000 rooms worldwide, equal to the size of a top 2 global hotel chain.

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