Effective Partnership Between Hotel Brands and Management Companies Essential as Customer Expectations Grow

23rd January 2018
Spokane,WA / London, UK

Consumer expectations for the travel industry have been growing but with effective partnerships forged, hotel brands and management firms can both improve their slice of the market. Magnuson Hotels, a leading and fast expanding hotel brand, explains that through working together businesses can ensure they have all the necessary skills, expertise, and facilities to deliver offerings that are fit for the modern traveller.

There’s no longer a one size fits all approach when it comes to delivering holiday experiences that will match a range of traveller expectations. The demand for personalisation and a unique experience is creating challenges for management companies and hotel brands alike. But travel experts and industry leaders at Magnuson argue that partnerships that consider what each party brings to the table and aim to work effectively together from the outset, including providing support where it’s needed, is the way forward. The forward-thinking approach has proven a success so far, with the Magnuson hotel brand becoming the fastest growing in history.

Thomas Magnuson, Chief Executive Officer at Magnuson Hotels, said, “The travel industry encompasses so many different areas to ensure that a customer leaves satisfied, from the streamlined online booking process to the extra mile the staff at the front desk go to recommend local sights. As customer expectations continue to grow when they part with their hard-earned money to travel, it’s more important than ever before that businesses within the travel sector work well together to deliver superior experiences for guests”.

“Management companies and hotel brands working closely together can significantly improve customer outcomes, benefitting both businesses and increasing the chances of repeat business or recommendations.”

Magnuson Hotels is a leading brand that’s grown substantially in the last decade, creating a successful consortium of over 8,000 hotels worldwide. Working in partnership with a variety of businesses, Magnuson helps grow brand recognition, instil global technology, and offer 24/7 support to a range of hotel owners and management teams, supporting ambitions to welcome more customers. Magnuson’s communicative way of working has led to hotels around the world benefitting from its expertise.

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