Leading Hotel Brand Predicts More Travellers Will Book Authentic Experiences Further Afield in 2018

With international travel becoming more accessible than ever before, leading hotel brand Magnuson Hotels is urging boutique establishments to connect with a global network. 2018 is set to be the year for adventure and exploring new destinations, with the trend for holidaymakers seeking authentic experiences growing even stronger, presenting hotels with both opportunities and challenges.

The experts at Magnuson, which is one of the world’s fastest growing hotel brands, have noted a rise in travellers venturing further afield, keen to explore exotic locations and to fully experience everything the local culture has to offer. To grow their audience hotels can benefit from working with an international brand, Magnuson explains. Through being part of an hotel group that can tap into an extensive customer base, hotels can take advantage of the growing trend and boost reservations coming from international tourists.

Thomas Magnuson, CEO of Magnuson Hotels, said, “Every hotelier knows how important it is to keep on top of the latest trends within the industry. The increase in international travel means that hotels have an opportunity to welcome guests from all over the world, particularly if they market themselves as delivering real, authentic experiences as part of their offering.

“There are challenges that hotels need to contend with too. Travellers from different cultures can have very different expectations. Hotel managers and staff need to be aware of this if they’re to continue growing, receiving excellent online reviews, and increase the number of repeat bookings they’re experiencing.”

Magnuson is a hotel brand that recognises how important individuality and a local connection has become for travellers around the world. Through its network, hotels working across varied price points are able to access cutting edge technology and dedicated support. Despite being part of the network, hotels still retain their own character and unique charm that attracts travellers.

Thomas added, “Moving into 2018, the hospitality industry is going to be no less competitive and having a connection to an established international brand can provide the extra weight hotels need to increase their bookings.”

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