Magnuson Hotel Lansing Helps the Homeless this Christmas

Lansing_HomelessAngelsMagnuson Hotel Lansing Helps the Homeless this Christmas

Magnuson Hotel Lansing, nicknamed the “Homeless Hotel”, have partnered with the Homeless Angels to support its one-of-a-kind program aimed at providing a warm place to stay for those in need. With shelters in the area full, families are often left with no option but to sleep on the streets.

In a recent interview with, the Homeless Angels founder Mike Karl explained that everyone there has a story. For some the program provides a warm bed after losing a job, for others it’s a chance to get back on their feet while they fight to keep regular employment, and for families it’s a chance to stay together.

Shannon Slocum stays at the Magnuson Hotel Lansing with her husband, a disabled veteran, and two teenage daughters. Due to lack of space in nearby shelters, they would be forced to separate if it weren’t for the Homeless Angels. “You just never know”, says Jon McNutt, another user of the scheme. “I never thought at 42 I’d be here”.

On average 20 to 30 families stay at the hotel each night. “We’ve never missed a night”, says Karl, “at least one room has been paid by a community member”. With Magnuson Hotel Lansing discounting rooms to just $28, buying a room credit is really easy. Simply give them a call on (517)-393-1650 and put a room credit in the Homeless Angels name, or send a cheque to Homeless Angels, 5472 Oakhills Drive, Eaton Rapids, MI 48827.