Magnuson Hotels celebrates 13th birthday with 29% revenue rise

At Magnuson Hotels, America’s fastest growing hotel brand, we are today celebrating our 13th birthday as well as a 29% same-store increase for January 2016 over 2015.

Driving the performance increase are continued lower US gas prices and increased consumer brand recognition. In Q3-4 2015, we re-branded our three brands and introduced our “Follow the Star” advertising campaign on a national basis.

Much of our Magnuson portfolio is affected less by macro-economic factors than other large chains due to the strategic location of many of our properties in secondary, tertiary and freeway markets. To strengthen this position, we introduced our national brand marketing co-op initiative in Q4, which seeks to add 100 nationwide brand billboards by midyear 2016.

Notable new Q4 branded hotels include the Magnuson Hotel Convention Center New York City, the Magnuson Hotel Framingham and Magnuson Hotel Marshal TX.

Since our launch 13 years ago, Magnuson Hotels has become a top 10 global chain, marketing hotels across six countries and three continents. We have added more new hotels in the last 10 years than 8 of the top 10 chains combined by offering a low cost alternative to traditional hotel franchising.

Magnuson Hotels’ newly formed global alliance with Chinese operator Jin Jiang Hotels and Europe’s Louvre Hotels will form a consortium of over 6,000 hotels worldwide, equal to the size of a top 5 global hotel chain.

As Magnuson Hotels continues to grow and evolve, our hotel owners do to. Kirrit Bhikha has been an asset to Magnuson Hotels from the very beginning and has grown with the company, now owning a number of properties operating under the brand.

Mr Bhikha was originally attracted to Magnuson for the simple solutions on offer, from the low tech independent platforms to the high tech branded option. Today, he is a great advocate for the organization as it continues to expand.

“Magnuson Hotels keeps it simple. They do what they say and say what they do”, says Bhikha, “we’re telling you it works, come and see what we’re doing. We’ve introduced many hotels to the brand and most have never looked back”.