Magnuson Hotels performance surpasses industry average by 10x

Exterior façade of boutique hotel in Steamboat Springs Colorado, Bristol Hotel which is a part of Magnuson Independent Collection.
Bristol Hotel, Steamboat Springs Colorado, part of Magnuson Independent Collection

Spokane, WA, USA / London, UK 

Unprecedented Growth in RevPAR

Magnuson Hotels has recently announced a striking 77.83% increase in Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) for the Hotel Independent Group since the pre-pandemic era of 2019. This growth rate is notably tenfold the national industry average of 7.6% in the United States, as highlighted by the STR report. Such an extraordinary expansion underscores Magnuson Hotels’ dominant position in the hospitality sector, setting a new benchmark for success.

Driving Forces Behind the Success

Thomas Magnuson, the CEO of Magnuson Hotels, attributes this remarkable performance to the company’s innovative approach toward distribution and franchising. The company’s unique OTA-alternative distribution strategy is designed to boost occupancy levels significantly. Furthermore, its Fair Franchising policies ensure that hotel owners retain a larger share of revenue, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership between the franchise and its affiliates.

Fair Franchising and Its Impact

Magnuson’s commitment to Fair Franchising has been instrumental in achieving higher RevPARs for its hotels. Hotel owners are empowered to make renovations tailored to their specific market needs and preferences without being burdened by inflated costs imposed by traditional franchisors. This autonomy allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in operations. The CEO elaborates on the future direction, emphasizing the continuous targeting of essential worker groups through the company’s OTA-alternative strategy to ensure year-round occupancy.

Testimonials from Hotel Owners

Kim Van Der Kolk, co-owner of Dodge Peak Lodge in Idaho, and Sanjay Patel, owner of Magnuson Hotel Wildwood Inn, share their positive experiences with Magnuson Hotels. Their testimonials highlight the significant revenue growth and the supportive, innovative strategies provided by Magnuson, particularly during slower seasons. The emphasis on creative revenue and pricing strategies has been pivotal in surpassing business expectations.

Strategic Growth and Ethical Practices

Magnuson Hotels is on a path of strategic expansion, focusing on onboarding distinctive hotels in key cities across the country. The company’s primary goal is to maximize revenue potential for hotel owners while ensuring that guest expectations are surpassed without resorting to unethical practices. By steering clear of mandatory Property Improvement Plans (PIPs) and procurement contracts, Magnuson Hotels saves hotel owners thousands of dollars annually, reinforcing its commitment to Fair Franchising since its inception in 2003.


Magnuson Hotels’ innovative strategies, combined with its dedication to fair franchising, have not only led to unprecedented growth in RevPAR but also established a new standard in the hospitality industry. By prioritizing the interests of hotel owners and focusing on ethical practices, Magnuson Hotels continues to forge a path of success and shared prosperity in the highly competitive hospitality market.

About Magnuson Hotels

Magnuson Hotels has championed the cause of fair franchising for hotel owners since its inception in 2003, helping over 2000 hotels in the USA and UK succeed against some of the biggest brands in the hospitality industry. The group offers affiliation with brands that do not require mandatory renovations and procurements, long-term contracts, or excessive commissions, as well as an Independent Group model. The Magnuson Hotels platform achieves a non-seasonal 52-week occupancy strategy with comprehensive human support and an OTA-alternative distribution.