Magnuson independent hotel group adds 10 new locations.


In a significant development, Magnuson Hotels has proudly announced the addition of 10 new locations to its esteemed Independent Hotel Group portfolio. This expansion spans across several key states, including California, New York, Colorado, Alabama, and New Jersey, marking a strategic enhancement of the Magnuson Hotels presence in these vital regions.

Diverse Locations for Varied Experiences

The newly added properties boast a diverse array of locations, from bustling city centers and serene resorts to convenient highway spots and tranquil rural settings. This variety ensures that no matter the preference or purpose of travel, Magnuson Hotels offers an experience tailored to every guest’s needs.

Spotlight on Notable Properties

Among the notable additions to the portfolio are The Catrina Hotel in San Mateo, California, a property under the ownership of StayCal Hospitality, and the Home One Extended Stay Suites in Montgomery, Alabama. These establishments stand out for their unique offerings and the distinctive experiences they promise to every guest, embodying the spirit of hospitality and comfort that Magnuson Hotels is known for.

Empowering Independent Hotel Owners

The driving force behind this expansion is the response from hotel owners to the Magnuson Hotels ethos. This philosophy champions the success of independently minded hotel owners in their local markets by encouraging the creation of more localized value and enterprise. It’s a testament to the belief that personalized service and a deep understanding of local culture and needs are the cornerstones of hospitality success.

A Testament to Growth and Support

Magnuson Hotels has established a significant footprint across North America and Europe, supporting over 2,000 hotels in enhancing their booking rates through a straightforward and cost-effective approach. The organization’s model is built on flexibility, with no long-term contracts, mandatory renovations, or required purchasing programs, thereby providing hotel owners with the autonomy to operate as they see fit while still benefiting from the vast network and resources of Magnuson Hotels.

Conclusion: A Bright Future Ahead

This expansion is not just about adding locations; it’s about strengthening communities, supporting local economies, and providing more travelers with the unique, personalized experiences that only independent hotels can offer. Magnuson Hotels remains committed to its mission of redefining hospitality by empowering hotel owners and delighting guests with unparalleled experiences across the globe.

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