How Magnuson Worldwide plan to disrupt the UK hotel industry

The hospitality industry is always competitive, but the arrival of Magnuson Worldwide to UK shores looks set to increase this competition in new and disruptive ways. While previously the market has consisted of a tried-and-tested mixture of smaller independents and large, homogenized hotel chains, the Magnuson model is quite different, offering something new and exciting to UK audiences and travellers seeking an authentic hotel experience which retains plenty of individuality.

A big business boost

The average Magnuson franchise sees unparalleled growth within just three years, with hotels reporting a 25% boost to profits during this timeframe. This is all money which can be spent on further developing your hotel offering, making it even more competitive. The benefits of partnering with Magnuson are greater than just those affecting the bottom-line, however. The brand is a respected global leader in the hospitality industry, meaning taking on the Magnuson name has great benefits for brands seeking to improve their standing within the hotel market.

Unbeatable industry tools

However ambitious or enterprising, many independent hotels simply do not have access to the tools which Magnuson Worldwide’s partners gain when they join the franchise. All designed with the needs of your hotel in mind and based on over fifteen years of industry experience, these include everything from an exclusive and extensive distribution network, guaranteed to reduce dependency on OTAs and opens a world of opportunities which are otherwise not attainable for independent hotels. For venues highly dependent upon seasonal visits, this could be particularly transformative and certainly disrupts the established hospitality model significantly.

Other fantastic tools include world-class booking software to help make booking with all partnered hotels quick and simple for increasingly discerning clientele, and hotel revenue management software to keep track of all those new profits.

Flexible rewards program

Great hotels reward customer loyalty, but there’s only one rewards program quite like the Magnuson loyalty program. Offering an easy-to-understand way to thank guests for repeat custom, Magnuson Rewards doesn’t take any time away from the business to manage, giving partnered hotels more time to spend on building their businesses. Research shows that some 80% of custom can often stem from just 20% of your customer base – so ensuring you treat those loyal customers well requires an inventive and effective way of saying ‘thanks’, building trust and credibility.

A new way of franchising

Whilst most big hotel chains expect hotels which join them to adopt a standardised set of requirements, this is not the way Magnuson Worldwide works. Instead, hotels who partner with Magnuson are just that – they are partners. All Magnuson franchises need do is deliver a tiny 5% of their revenue and adhere to the needs of one of the tailored Magnuson hotel types. The individuality of hotels under this banner is one of their greatest strengths, and when teamed with the expertise, software and insights of a large and fast-growing hotel chain, Magnuson brand hotels become an unstoppable force in the world of hospitality.

Calculate your increased profit by switching to a Magnuson Hotel brand

While most major brands charge an average of 15% of total revenue with complex additional charges and corporate renovations, Magnuson offers one simple 5% of gross fee. See how much you can save with us.

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