Magnuson’s PR push achieves over 6 million unique visitors in March

As part of our quest to increase awareness and recognition of the Magnuson Hotels brand, we have been working hard to grow our PR presence, and are seeing excellent results from the push.

Since our re-brand on October 1 2015, we have featured in over 100 different articles across print and online publications. Our exposure on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in also growing.

In February, we announced our new co-op marketing initiative which generated 8 separate articles in just 2 days, within the top trade publications. This resulted in exposure to over half a million unique visitors across the US.

Co-op pr




The results from March show that so far our press releases that have been published have been visible to an audience of nearly 2 million unique visitors, with indirect press coverage increasing that by another 4 million unique visitors. We were also delighted to have been selected for the Hotel Business: ‘Behind the Brand’ feature this month, which gave the brand a valuable two page spread in this key trade publication.

We look forward to continuing to share these results with you and the additional value they allow us to bring to your hotel and the brand as a whole.

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