Why putting your own twist on hotel design could up customers

November 7, 2017   London UK/Spokane WA

As an independent hotel, you’re no doubt competing with large hotel chains for your slice of the market. If you’re looking at ways to grow it can be tempting to emulate the style of chains in a bid to attract the customers that are heading there. But it could be a costly mistake as consumer attitudes shift to unique experiences and authentic places to stay. In fact, putting your own personal stamp on the look of your hotel could boost reservations.

If you’re still on the fence about acting on your own vision when it comes to hotel design, these five reasons might change your mind.

1. Stand out from the crowd

When hotel chains are largely following the same cookie cutter style, it pays to be different. When travellers are trawling through pages of hotels that all look the same, yours will stand out from the crowd for being unique. With some great photographs, you can drive up traffic looking at your hotel, giving you a better opportunity to convert those heading to your area into customers.

2. Consumers want experiences

There’s a bigger trend here that you can capitalise on. Consumers in general are buying less items and are more interested in having experiences. A hotel with a twist plays perfectly into this growing mentality. It’s a particularly powerful way to attract millennial consumers who are truly embracing experiences. And with spending power that tops $65 billion annually, the millennial market is well worth tapping into.

3. Travellers want a local vibe

When travelling, consumers are increasingly demanding an authentic vibe across the whole of their holiday. Overall, tourists are less satisfied with staying in a hotel that looks exactly the same as one in their home town than they have previously been. Letting your local knowledge influence aspects of the design can be an excellent way to get more customers through your doors.

4. Reach a new audience

If your clientele is typically similar looking but you’re wanting to grow into new markets, a style overhaul could be just what you need. Assess the type of tourism your area attracts and figure out what their priorities are to pull in new customers. It could mean going for a bold, playful design for young families or a muted, comfortable look for professionals.

5. Improve word of mouth bookings

If your hotel is just like hundreds of others it’s not going to be worth talking about. But if you’ve got something a bit quirky about your design, guests will be informing their family and friends. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth, it’s just as valuable as marketing campaigns. paigns. ng.

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