Relationship is Key for Effective Partnership Between Brand and Hotel

September 12, 2017   London UK/Spokane WA

For hotel businesses that are looking to tap into a greater audience, working with an effective network can see profits soar and cut costs. But the world’s leading network of independent hotels, Magnuson Worldwide, has warned that a balanced relationship is a must if firms are to really flourish. It’s this approach that’s led to the brand establishing a strong reputation among its current partners and in the industry.

Hotel networks can help boost the visibility of independent businesses that are attempting to compete with large, well-known chains. However, stories and experiences with poorly run networks, often where communication is lacking, can put off many hoteliers, potentially limiting their growth. As industry experts, Magnuson realizes the importance of building up good working relationships with hotels and this has been key to the brand’s ethos.

Thomas Magnuson, Chief Executive Officer of Magnuson Worldwide, said, “For many independent hotels, there are plenty of benefits and opportunities that could attract them to join a network. But some networks can be limiting, stamping out individuality, forcing ineffective changes, or poor communication making the whole process difficult. This is why the partnership between brands and hotel is so important, everyone needs to be on the same page for the network to deliver consistent results.”

It’s a formula that Magnuson Worldwide has cracked. On average, a hotel that joins the vast network sees a 25% increase in revenue. The increase is down to the multi-function approach taken by Magnuson Worldwide. Not only does joining the network improve the chances of a hotel being spotted by customers, the brand provides leading technology, branding, and marketing, improving the efficiency of each hotel. Operating a three-tier model, targeting different budgets, Magnuson Worldwide is an alternative to the traditional franchise model that can often prove restrictive for some hotels. It’s the dedication Magnuson Worldwide has to building partnerships that are advantageous to both parties that’s led to its stellar reputation among hotels.

About Magnuson Worldwide:
Since its launch thirteen years ago, Magnuson Worldwide has become America’s fastest growing hotel brand and a top 15 global chain, marketing over 1,000 hotels across six countries and three continents. Magnuson Worldwide’s newly formed distribution partnership with Chinese operator Jin Jiang Hotels and Europe’s Louvre Hotels is the world’s largest hotel alliance, forming a consortium of over 8,000 hotels and 800,000 rooms worldwide, equal to the size of a top 2 global hotel chain.

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