Tom Magnuson’s 7 Rules on Being a Successful Hotel Manager

Tom Magnuson, CEO of Magnuson Worldwide

Managing a hotel is no easy business. With increased competition and ever-shifting success indicators, it can be difficult for hotels to stay afloat, let alone thrive. Here, Magnuson Worldwide founder Tom Magnuson shares his top 7 rules for managing a super-successful hotel, no matter what obstacles are in your way…

1.Lead and Innovate

Innovation is more important than ever for modern hotel managers. Showing the ability to truly lead your organisation to greatness can be tricky in times of rapid change within the new hotelier landscape. Even when hotel managers understand the need for innovation, many more fail to communicate this to all levels of the business, therefore failing to build a strong and informed workforce capable of putting bold plans into action with the help of respected and competent leaders.

2.Hire Well

Your workforce represents your hotel from day one, and every interaction they have with your guests plays a significant role in your future success. Knowing the ways and means of effective hiring is vital for a successful hotel manager, as it’s hard to focus on your own responsibilities and drive innovation if you are constantly cleaning up after the messes of an ineffective workforce. Make each hire count.

3.Be Positive

To get the best hires, you must build a positive and productive working environment for your staff. This means a great company culture and a rewards-focus to help ensure everyone knows what’s expected of them. This way, not only is it much easier to know when someone is not fulfilling these obligations, but it’s also a lot simpler to discover when they are truly going above and beyond.

4.Stay Calm

Remaining calm under pressure ensures that whatever happens, you know you’ll be able to cope. Calmer managers also make for better, more inspirational leaders, able to assess each ‘bad’ situation on its individual merits – and find real solutions rather than panicking and responding out of fear. This will motivate your workforce to adopt a similar approach to setbacks, and helps you all deal with any crisis clear headedly.

5.Understand Your Competition

Every hotel has fierce competition, so to keep at the top of your game, you must know who else is in the arena! You can do this in a number of ways, networking with other managers, planning events for other hoteliers, developing meaningful business relationships with people who work in complimentary industries or appeal to your target audience.

6.Always Strive for Improvement

The insights you gain from knowing your competition will help to make you a stronger hotel manager and drive continual improvement. You must remember that your job is not merely the day-to-day of your business, but pushing to make the hotel more effective and impactful. Strive for continual improvement in your offering.

7.Focus on Guest Experience

It’s easy to forget what the hotel industry is all about – the guest experience. Why should your ideal guest choose you, and not another venue? Remember what sets you apart and what areas you truly excel at. Focusing on this will provide you with the dynamic mindset which keeps your target audience coming back time and again.

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