Magnuson Video: UK Hoteliers can rise above sharing, corporate brand supply increase

28 May 2020/London UK

Magnuson Hotels today released a video advising how struggling UK hotels can rise above the recent advance of sharing and corp brand supply. 

Magnuson states that led by Premier Inn and Travelodge, brands now represent more than 50% of UK lodging supply. The company points out that sharing and Airbnb rooms, if counted as industry supply, would represent an additional 22% of UK hotel supply.

The company states that even though owners may have recently renovated and achieved higher review ratings, hoteliers often resort to reduced rates to stimulate room sales, when they should be repositioning the hotels into a higher market segment with increased rates.

Magnuson focused on Aberdeen UK as a case study, with guidance on which market and property factors determine whether a hotel should brand or compete as an independent.

Magnuson stresses to owners that the current brand and Airbnb hotel oversupply in the UK will be difficult to overcome but can be achievable with a focus on expanding business segments, a reduction in OTA dependency, and a proper upmarket leveraging of each hotels’ primary differentiators.

About Magnuson Hotels

Magnuson Hotels, headquartered in London UK and Spokane WA stands as a top 20 global chain with over 65,000 hotels and 700 airlines on its worldwide booking platform  Founded in 2003, Magnuson Hotels gives independently minded hotel owners a way to achieve global brand support at a fraction of the cost of traditional franchise chains. 

Within the past 2 years, Magnuson has developed the Magnuson Cloud Smart Hub, a cloud based ‘all in one’ distribution and hotel operations platform with enhanced performance functionalities combining hotel PMS (Property Management System), channel management and direct connects to all global booking channels. Functionalities include automated pricing, easy integrations via API capabilities for hotel operations making it easy to add value for automation and technology advancement.

In 2019, the company outperformed the USA STR RevPAR (0.9 percent) by 20X.

Magnuson Hotels’  Q1 2020 performance report can be found here.

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