Improvements Your Hotel Needs to Stay Competitive in 2018

Maintaining your competitive edge can be a tricky thing to master for an independent hotel. Yet hospitality has always been an industry with competition at its heart, and the rigours of this competitiveness only look set to grow throughout 2018 and beyond. Fundamental changes to the hotel trade have shaken up the way we both attain and measure success – yet ensuring a steady stream of paying guests remains paramount to staying in the game. Let’s look at some of the key ways you can improve your offering to help safeguard your success in the year ahead.

Optimise your web presence

Your presence on the web needs to be in optimal shape for the coming year, as more and more hotel bookings are made online and you are competing with some of the biggest names in the hotel world to get seen and heard. Remember key elements such as a mobile-friendly website (absolutely essential in 2018) which supports mobile browsing and booking to help grow your direct bookings. Take your OTA listings seriously, including high quality images, and up to date information on all the latest facilities and perks which will help tempt visitors to choose your hotel. Reassess your social media strategy. Most importantly of all, be prepared to monitor all of these aspects and continually renew them over the year.

Keep it personal

One area in which independent hotels sometimes have an advantage over the larger chains is in the quality of their personal service. When organising your marketing strategy for the year, consider how you can make your personal touch even more attuned with what your customers want and need. Checking reviews for feedback which was particularly favourable (and not so favourable) can be very helpful at this stage, giving you clarity and insight into what’s working, and what isn’t.

Embrace technology (in moderation)

The pervasiveness of tech is going nowhere, and 2018 will be all about adding valuable new technology into your hotel to help you be more efficient. It’s important however that you don’t lose sight of the real reason people book to stay with you – technology is great, but not if it adversely affects your customer service or your financial investment outweighs what you can afford to be spending on this aspect of running your hotel. Focus on the basics first, and embrace as much useful technology as you can.

Join a franchise

For independent hoteliers seeking to give their venue a big-brand boost without losing their individuality, joining a franchise presents a fantastic means of staying competitive. Big brands are certainly not going away any time soon, meaning hotels without the level of support and expertise these brands bring face tougher and tougher competition at every level. Adapting to meet the changing competitive environment is tough when going solo, but franchising can open a world of new possibilities you may never have even thought of. Magnuson helps hoteliers increase their revenue by some 25%, without asking you to surrender your vision – allowing you to compete in bigger and better ways.

Calculate your increased profit by switching to a Magnuson Hotel brand

While most major brands charge an average of 15% of total revenue with complex additional charges and corporate renovations, Magnuson offers one simple 5% of gross fee. See how much you can save with us.

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