Magnuson Hotel Ironwood & Ironwood Indianhead open in Michigan

Magnuson Hotel Ironwood

Spokane WA, USA

Magnuson Hotels is proud to announce the expansion of its presence in Michigan with two exceptional properties nestled in the Penokee Range of the Upper Peninsula. This expansion brings the total to 17 Magnuson Hotel locations across Michigan, highlighting the group’s commitment to strategic growth by incorporating hotels that deliver unparalleled value to guests.

Featured Properties: A Glimpse into the Penokee Range Gems

Magnuson Hotel Ironwood and Indianhead Ironwood: Milestones Achieved

These latest additions, the Magnuson Hotel Ironwood and Indianhead Ironwood, mark significant progress in the group’s expansion efforts. By focusing on prime markets nationwide, Magnuson Hotels continues to enhance its portfolio with destinations that promise memorable experiences.

Unmatched Recreational Opportunities in Ironwood

Ironwood stands out as a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering access to over 2,000 miles of snowmobile trails—four times the expanse of those in West Yellowstone, Montana, the renowned snowmobile capital. Additionally, Ironwood’s acclaim as one of the world’s top cross-country ski destinations underscores the area’s rich recreational and adventure offerings, including whitewater paddling, hiking, biking, and the unique thrill of skijoring.

Spotlight on Hotel Features

Magnuson Hotel Ironwood: Embracing Modernity and Comfort

Transformed from a Choice Hotels brand, the Magnuson Hotel Ironwood welcomes guests with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, microwaves, and cable television. It’s a pet-friendly establishment, ensuring small pets can join in on the adventure.

The Ironwood Hotel: Unique and Authentic

As part of the Magnuson Hotels Independent Collection, the Ironwood Hotel stands out for its individualized decorations and modern conveniences like high-speed Wi-Fi and Netflix access, providing an authentic and immersive American travel experience.

Leadership Insights

Thomas Magnuson’s Vision for Growth

Thomas Magnuson, CEO of Magnuson Hotels, expressed enthusiasm for the new partnerships with Tarun, Sejal, and Nandini Patel, along with their team. He emphasized the company’s dedication to supporting the properties’ growth and their integration into the Ironwood business community.

Tarun Patel’s Commitment to Excellence

Tarun Patel, representing the ownership of Magnuson Hotel Ironwood and Indianhead Ironwood, shared his ambition to offer an outstanding experience to every guest. Leveraging Magnuson Hotels’ expertise, technology, and network, the goal is to surpass guest expectations and establish the hotels as top choices in Ironwood, Michigan.

A Fair Franchising Philosophy

Both hotels have embraced Magnuson Hotels’ approach to Fair Franchising, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership based on fairness and shared success. This philosophy underscores Magnuson Hotels’ commitment to its franchisees and their communities.

Setting New Standards in Hospitality

Magnuson Hotels’ expansion in Michigan, highlighted by the addition of Magnuson Hotel Ironwood and Indianhead Ironwood, reflects the brand’s ongoing efforts to select destinations that offer exceptional experiences. Through strategic growth, commitment to fair franchising, and dedication to community integration, Magnuson Hotels is poised to set new benchmarks in the hospitality industry.

About Magnuson Hotels
Magnuson Hotels has championed the cause of hotel owners since its inception in 2003, helping over 2000 hotels in the USA and UK succeed against unfair franchising policies of some of the biggest brands in the hospitality industry. Magnuson offers three platforms that do not require mandatory renovations and procurements, long term contracts or excessive commissions.   Magnuson offers hotels a platform to achieve a non-seasonal 52-week occupancy strategy with comprehensive human support and an-OTA alternative distribution.