Hotels in hackers’ sights as technology replaces personal touch

Hotel Hackers Marriot

23rd June, 2022 – London UK Report by Alice Hancock for The Financial Times (Originally published on 28th March, 2022) Hotels and hospitality businesses are now the third most targeted by cyber attackers of all industry sectors. Despite being bricks-and-mortar enterprises — set up for physical enjoyment of their amenities — they have become a […]

Local market growth; a return to the lost skills of increasing hotel occupancy

filling a hotel

Thomas Magnuson, CEO, Magnuson Hotels, calls for a return to the lost skills of filling a hotel.   We have been trained in recent years to fear the word ‘artisan’. Hoisted over your favourite coffee house, bakery or even rug shop, it usually means that you’re about to pay significantly more than you would normally […]

Until the PIPs squeak

Magnuson Hotels Until The PIPs Squeak 1

Thomas Magnuson, CEO, Magnuson Hotels, looks at how hotel brand standardization is unsustainable and, increasingly, outmoded.   We can trace brand standards and the standardization of hotel rooms back to the 1950s upon the introduction of the interstate freeway system across the US. It was post World War Two and President Dwight Eisenhower decided to […]

Magnuson Hotels executes 80 agreements in 2021


Magnuson Hotels signed 80 Independent Collection hotel agreements in 2021, in the US and UK, with a strong year forecast for 2022. The commitments illustrate the resilience of the company’s model during the downturn, as it focused on local markets and dynamic pricing, supported by a global team on call 24/7. The company reported a […]

Getting high on your own supply

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By Thomas Magnuson, CEO of Magnuson Hotels In the dynamic world of hospitality, the longing for the golden days of 2019 is palpable. Those were the times when the hotel industry was booming, and the influx of new supply was effortlessly absorbed by an insatiable demand. We reminisced about those days, unaware of the looming […]

RevPAR Increases 40% versus 2019 for Magnuson Hotels Independent Group

40 RevPAR

Magnuson Hotels’ US Independent Collection reported a 40% increase in RevPAR versus 2019. As of September 2021, Magnuson Hotels reported increase against 2019 in the following performance metrics:   RevPAR: + 40% Occupancy: +29% ADR: +8% We attribute the surge in RevPAR to a focus upon dynamic pricing and a company-wide business segmentation strategy targeting local […]

The #1 question on everyone’s mind: How will I get my hotel’s EBITDA* back?

Hotel Lobby Checkin

Wednesday, 19 May 2021 – London UK / Spokane WA   Already, many see 2019 as the good old days. But the UK shows signs of a maturing hotel industry, especially supply growing faster than demand: In 2010, 80% of UK hotels were family run independents. Today it’s 49/51. While total UK hotel stock grew 12.5% […]